Education Committee

The Education Committee is dedicated to raising the level of excellence in education in Suffolk County. We help with teacher certifications in the minority communities, teach life skills to adolescents, and mentoring.  NBCW 100 of Suffolk County continues to support the project of recognizing caring and compassionate educators who bring meaningful classroom experiences to every child whose dreams are brought to fruition
Some of our programs:
T.E.A (Teaching Etiquette to Adolescents) 4 Just Girls
Teaching etiquette to adolescents is necessary for assisting young girls how to present themselves in public with the proper behavior for any given situation. Adolescence is a difficult stage in life where they are that confused and uncomfortable by being in a position between childhood and adulthood. Young people need manners as social tools, to navigate their way through the differing social events they will encounter as they grow up into mature adults. School teachers and even administrators tend to place children in detention or suspension that will eventually lead to disinterest and dropping out of school.
This program was designed to help bridge the gap and provide the guidance and support needed for young ladies of color to act as ladies, rather than act on impulse.
While young people are caught in a betwixt and between position, it deems important that NBCW 100 women to serve as a guiding post to help future women of color as they enter into the adult world. it brings the trials as well. The TEA was presented on a rainy evening of December 5, 2009 on the Dowling College campus in the Hunt Room where tea was served, hot and cold of course, with teacakes, finger sandwiches and loads of fun. Parents were invited to attend as well as teachers. Out of the 15 young girls in the mentoring program, 14 attended all dressed up and feeling special at the event.

One on One Teacher Certification supports increasing the amount of minority teachers that receive NYS Teacher Certification in cooperation with Dowling College's Center for Minority Teacher Development and Training.

Masquerade Ball

Saturday, November 17th 7:30pm

Masquerade Ball
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