How Can You Become a Member of NC100BW – Suffolk County Chapter?

Our members are a diverse group of women representing a variety of professions, expertise, interests, and age groups, who have a common interest in social justice, gender equity, and the elimination of gender-based disparities in education, health, and economic development. If you desire to become a member of this dynamic organization, we suggest that you:

  1. Attend some of the organization’s sponsored events – Throughout the year, the Chapter sponsors several programs and events.  Get to see us in action by attending at least one of them.  Check the calendar on our website to see upcoming events/programs.
  2. Learn about the Chapter’s Mission The mission of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Suffolk County Chapter, Inc. (NC100BW-Suffolk) is to advocate on behalf of Black women by addressing through local and national actions and strategic alliances that support our goals and purposes, those issues that disparately impact the lives of Black women, their families and their communities - such as gender inequities in education, healthcare and economic development.   If you can embrace this mission, and have the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of those mentioned above, consider completing an application for membership.
  3. Find a Sponsor those wishing to become members of the Chapter must be sponsored by a current member of the Chapter.  This sponsor will sign off on your application before it is submitted to the Membership Committee for evaluation.
  4. Apply for membership between April and May of each year – these are the months in which we recruit women who work and/or live in Suffolk County as potential members of the Chapter.  We sponsor “meet and greet” sessions where potential recruits have an opportunity to meet with our Membership Committee in an informal setting, and get a better understanding of who we are, and what we do.
  5. New Member Orientation held in August/September timeframe – Once applicants are successful in the membership process, they attend a mandatory “New Member Orientation Meeting” where they receive the information they need to fully participate in the Chapter.
  6. Contact us for more information and for an application.
"Black women are the linchpin of leadership continuity among all Black people and understand the need for mentoring that must be nurtured and honed day by day, from one generation to another."  
The National NC100BW Leadership Team      


Masquerade Ball

Saturday, November 17th 7:30pm

Masquerade Ball
Sponsorship Levels

  • GOLD SPONSOR $3,500



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